There is no other constructive source of knowledge for inquisitive and ambitious students than a library. Library is a deep ocean of knowledge where we are gladly driven towards studies. College central library is located at Master Gurbaksh Singh Memorial Complex. Large quantity of books are purchased keeping in mind the needs of the students corresponding to their courses. Post-Graduate students are provided with separate seating arrangement in the library. College library contains invaluable and highly informative books. Apart from central library, there are also separate departmental libraries which store incomparable books to fulfill students’ academic needs. Students can have benefits of these highly useful books at the time of their needs. Besides it, Xerox machine is also installed for students’ facility. There is another section entitled S. Amrik Singh Pooni where approximately 1700 books are stored. British Library Membership has been obtained keeping college students’ need in mind. Currently college library owns 43516 books, 19 Newspapers, 46 Magazines and Journals. As many as 5200 books and journals of library are linked through Inflib Net.

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